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Holiday Nog Artisanal Candle: Crafting a Sanctuary with the Essence of Tradition

Handcrafted Holiday Nog Candle by Warm Light Company
Enliven your holiday traditions with Warm Light Candle Company's artisan 'Holiday Nog' Candle. Discover the scent of nostalgia and warmth that promises to brighten your festive decor and gatherings. Shop now for timeless elegance and a warm glow.

As daylight wanes and a fresh briskness fills the air, our homes become sanctuaries from the season's chill, alive with the excitement of impending festivities. Amid the merriment and the bustle, the 'Holiday Nog' artisanal candle by Warm Light Candle Company stands as a beacon of tranquility, a gentle nudge to slow down and indulge in the stillness of the season.

Embark on your holiday voyage with the 'Holiday Nog' candle, a seasonal beacon that casts a warm, amber glow, reminding us that the holidays are a time for serene reflection as much as celebration. This scent is your invitation to take a breath amid the festivities, to revel in the quiet joy that a simple moment by the fireside can bring. When lit, the 'Holiday Nog' candle does more than illuminate—it creates an ambiance that encourages the creation of new memories and the continuation of cherished traditions in a spirit of togetherness.

Scent Profile: A Festive Symphony Immerse yourself in the indulgent aromas of the 'Holiday Nog' candle. It starts with a rich, creamy base of vanilla and butter, enhanced by a dash of sweet sugary notes. The experience deepens with the sophisticated essence of amaretto and bourbon, and a comforting linger of smoky oak—each note a testament to the season's capacity to envelop us in a blanket of warmth and nostalgia.

Discover our glass mason jar candles sized to suit any room—choose from a cozy 6oz, a standard 9.5oz, or a large 12.5oz jar, each designed to bring a sense of peace to your space. Offered in a variety of designer colors, our candles are made to match your home's style perfectly. Proudly made in Redding, California, our candles are handcrafted in small batches for the highest quality. We use a premium soy blend wax and pure cotton wicks for a clean and long-lasting burn. Our largest 12.5oz candle is perfect for gathering areas, providing over 90 hours of inviting fragrance that makes any house feel like a home.

🌟 Allow the 'Holiday Nog' candle to be the inaugural spark of your holiday celebrations. As you light this candle, you're not just striking a match—you're alighting a legacy of holiday gatherings, festive decor, and the rich tapestry of family celebrations to come.

Where to Find Your Festive Flame: Seek out the 'Holiday Nog' and our other seasonal candles at:

✨Shasta Growers Farmers Market (Behind Redding City Hall, Saturdays, April 1st - December 9th)

The Enjoy Store (1261 Market Street, Redding, CA | 530-248-1132)

Village Pottery (651 Main Street, Red Bluff, CA | 530-529-4478)

🌟 🌟Special Offer: Delight in the spirit of giving with Warm Light Candle Company's exclusive offer: Free Shipping on orders over $100.🌟Prefer a personal touch? Visit us for in-store shopping/pick-up, or take advantage of our local delivery service, and let us bring the warmth directly to your doorstep.🌟🌟

Embrace the season's charm with Warm Light Candle Company, where every candle is a promise of warmth, a memory waiting to be made, and a celebration of the light within us all. Light your 'Holiday Nog' today, and let the holiday enchantment begin.

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