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Festive Hearth Artisanal Candle:Flickering Through Time

Red Festive Hearth artisanal soy candle by Warm Light Candle Company, accompanied by holiday decorations, evoking a classic Christmas scent profile with notes of clove, cinnamon, and pine
Cozy up with the Warm Light Candle Company's Festive Hearth Candle — a hand-poured testament to winter's charm, wrapped in the nostalgic scents of clove, cinnamon, and pine.

As the festive season unfolds, the Festive Hearth artisanal candle by Warm Light Candle Company beckons you to a classic Christmas reminiscent of the analog era. This artisanal beacon is a tribute to the traditional holiday scents—clove, cinnamon, and pine—that once permeated our homes, inviting the simple joys of yesteryears.

Envision a snug living room, aglow with the soft flicker of the Festive Hearth Jar Candle, its light casting a warm illumination that kindles the fondest of childhood memories. Inhale and be enveloped by a fragrant tapestry of spicy clove, cinnamon, and the zesty vitality of orange, all interwoven with the earthy depth of vetiver and the crispness of pine. Each flicker of the flame breathes life into these aromas, gently infusing the air with a rich blend that transforms any space into a sanctuary of winter celebration.

Crafted from a luxurious soy blend wax, each jar is an invitation to experience the holidays in three sizes—6oz, 9.5oz, and 12.5oz. Tailor your yuletide ambiance to the dimensions of your gathering spaces or personal retreats. Each hand-poured candle is a homage to the craft, a labor of love emanating from the local artisans of Redding, California.

Where to Find Your Festive Flame: Seek out the 'Festive Hearth' and our other seasonal candles at:

Shasta Growers Farmers Market (Behind Redding City Hall, Saturdays, April 1st - December 9th)

The Enjoy Store (1261 Market Street, Redding, CA | 530-248-1132)

Village Pottery (651 Main Street, Red Bluff, CA | 530-529-4478)

festive fairs and pop-up locations as listed on our website

🌟 🌟Special Offer: Delight in the spirit of giving with Warm Light Candle Company's exclusive offer: Free Shipping on orders over $100.🌟Prefer a personal touch? Visit us for in-store shopping/pick-up, or take advantage of our local delivery service, and let us bring the warmth directly to your doorstep.🌟🌟

This season, let the Festive Hearth Jar Candle be the heart of your holiday gatherings. Light it to celebrate tradition, to spark memories, and to create new ones. It’s more than a candle—it’s a sensory journey through the most enchanting facets of winter.

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