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Mountain Pine Artisanal Candle: Serene Moment Amidst Frosted Foliage

The Mountain Pine candle by Warm Light Candle Company, nestled amidst a rustic tableau of pine cones and evergreen sprigs. Its rich green wax hints at the fresh, vibrant scent of Northern California's forests, promising to infuse any room with the essence of pine, cedarwood, and cool mountain air.
Bring the serene whispers of Northern California's forests into your home with the Mountain Pine candle from Warm Light Candle Company—where every scent tells the story of nature's untouched beauty.

In the verdant landscapes spanning Shasta County to the towering peaks of Mount Shasta and the volcanic wonders of Lassen, lies the inspiration for our artisanal Mountain Pine candle. A luminary imbued with the quintessence of Northern California's sprawling forests, this candle transports its beholder to the earthy forest floor, strewn with fresh pine needles, exudes an aroma that beckons nature aficionados from near and afar.

As we wander our treasured forests, be it to stand in awe beneath towering pines or to choose the perfect festive tree, a distinctive olfactory journey beckons. The "Mountain Pine" candle captures and magnifies these sensory memories within your living space. Our fragrant composition is characterized by the dominant aroma of snow-kissed pines, setting a brisk and revitalizing ambiance. This is layered with the depth of cedar-wood and brightened by a zesty nuance of citrus. Juniper orchestrates a touch of spice, complemented by the sweet undertones of winter berries. As with any true forest-inspired scent, it concludes with the refreshing essence of cool mountain air, crafting a harmonious and balanced aromatic experience.

Illuminate Your Festive Moments with Mountain Pine

As we witnesses the subtle metamorphosis of early winter, where the chill in the air hints at snowfalls yet to come, our Mountain Pine candle serves as an aromatic bridge, connecting you to these pristine woodlands. Allow this scent to be your olfactory passport, guiding you through a forest reverie whenever you so desire. Choosing our candles is more than just an embrace of local artisanal; it's an affirmation of community spirit and a tribute to the skill and heart of our local artisans.

Mountain Pine: Evoking Nostalgia & Warmth

Embrace the timeless allure of frosted trees and the inviting scent of pine. Allow your senses to revel in the celebrations while championing the essence of our community craftsmanship.

Become part of our social community. Engage at events and online. With every candle, celebrate Northern California's majestic forests.

🌲 Elevate your ambiance. Support local.

Where to Find Your Festive Flame: Seek out the 'Mountain Pine' and our other seasonal candles at:

✨Shasta Growers Farmers Market (Behind Redding City Hall, Saturdays, April 1st - December 9th)

The Enjoy Store (1261 Market Street, Redding, CA | 530-248-1132)

Village Pottery (651 Main Street, Red Bluff, CA | 530-529-4478)

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