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Enchanted Forest Aromas: The Vanilla Woodland Candle Experience

Four Warm Light Candle Company soy blend candles in Vanilla Woodland scent, arrayed on a bed of lush green moss with delicate ferns in the background, hand-poured and showcased with ambient lighting to enhance the cozy atmosphere.
Crafted with care, the Vanilla Woodland collection from Warm Light Candle Company casts a tranquil glow, inviting nature’s peace into your home.

Discover the Warm Light Candle Company’s new offering, the Vanilla Woodland candle, meticulously crafted in the heart of Redding, California. Our soy blend candles are inspired by and celebrate the splendor of the local environment.

As you light the wick, let the comforting aroma of vanilla encircle you, enhanced by the grounded essence of oak and a whisper of leather. Our candles offer more than a scent they provide an immersive experience. Notes of patchouli and a subtle trace of smoke invite you on a tranquil journey through the forest’s serene embrace.

Artisanal and hand-poured with attention to detail, the Vanilla Woodland candle is your gateway to nature's quietude. It's the quintessential element for moments of introspection or a tranquil night.

Purchase Direct From Outlet (6976 Danyeur Road Redding 530-768-1625)

Redding Home Show March 9-10th, 2024 I Redding Civic Auditorium

The Enjoy Store (1261 Market Street, Redding, CA | 530-248-1132)

Are you ready to envelop your space with the wild's captivating fragrance? The Vanilla Woodland candle awaits. Indulge in the calm of the forest and the mindful appreciation of our cherished local landscapes with the Warm Light Candle Company.

Enchanted Forest Trio: A Scented Tribute to Northern California's Majestic Landscapes

Join us in anticipation as we soon unveil the second scent in our Enchanted Forest Trio: the Redwood Trail candle. This upcoming addition captures the essence of Humbolt County’s iconic redwood forests, offering a robust and earthy fragrance that echoes the majesty of these timeless giants. The Redwood Trail candle will soon accompany Vanilla Woodland as part of a curated collection that celebrates the diverse and lush landscapes of our region. Stay tuned via our social media for the release of this captivating scent, designed to complement the Vanilla Woodland and complete the trio with an upcoming third fragrance that promises to be just as enchanting.

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